August 10, 2017
Dear Viewer,

We have been working hard on our Roku channel.  Our designer had everything hosted on his servers during the design phase.  This past week we were able to transfer everything over Blue Mountain Television’s servers.  In the process, we have added a bunch of new Daily Bread episodes to our channel.  If you have a Roku device, why don’t you hop on over to our channel and take a look!

Summer months for nonprofits can be slow months in terms of donations.  Such has been the case here at Blue Mountain Television.  Our donations have been down the past couple of months.  It’s quite alarming how low donations have been.  If the programs on Blue Mountain Television have blessed you, we would encourage you to support this station financially so that others can be blessed.  You can donate on our website, or send us a check to 1200 SE 12th Street Suite 2 College Place Washington 99324.  As always, we thank you for your support and may God richly bless you!


Lowell Mann
Station Manager, Blue Mountain Television

Upcoming Programs

Daily Bread

The Invitation
We all love to receive invitations to weddings and birthday parties.  Pastor Stephen Farr shares an even greater invitation with us.
Friday 6:30 a.m. & 9:30  p.m.

Sabbath School Study Hour

The Road to Faith
The law was given to point sinners to their need of Christ. As a custodian, it provides instruction about God and protection from evil. Pastor Doug Batchelor presents the lesson from “The Gospel in Galatians”.
Friday 8 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m.

Certain Hope in an Uncertain World

Quality Time
The Creator God offers everyone a positive alternative to Pandora’s Box.​
Saturday 6 p.m.

For a complete schedule, including the 3rd quarter 2017 schedule, please visit our website

Recently Uploaded Episodes

Daily Bread
Stuck in a Rut –
Mike Lambert
Are you stuck in a spiritual rut? Join Pastor Mike Lambert as he helps us get spiritually unstuck.​

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Daily Bread
God Steps In 
– Gwynne Richardson
Pastor Gwynne Richardson shares thoughts on Jeremiah 29:11-13.

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